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Funny Belize

Funny Belize Welcome to Funny Musics's BELIZE page! This page brings you funny musics from Belize that are part of the Belizean history. You will find a collection of funny Belizean musics from Belize... that's right! :) So prepare yourself to watch some of the best and funniest Belize music, Belize songs and Belize dances. This page also includes traditional music from Belize or Belizean music. One of the most funny things related to Belizean music is the Belize dance, that has it's own history and is part of Belize's culture. So please, do laugh with it, not of it, because this page is constructed based on respect and admiration of Belize's musics, songs and dances. We searched the entire web just to bring you the most funny music videos from Belize! Enjoy it!

The Brukdown Music

Belize music has many influences, such as the Garifuna, Mestizo, Kriol or Maya soundings.

The country musical heritage is one full of flavour from almost everywhere, with the European colonizers bringing the polkas, quadrilles, waltzes and many more rhythms.
The African-driven Brukdown (Kriolo Music) peculiar music style, is a type native to the country that uses the european accordion with african rhytms and call-and-response lyrics. It is accompanied by many instruments, the most common being banjos, guitars, drums, dingaling bells, accordions and a donkey's jawbone played by running a stick up and down the teeth.

The Garifuna Music

Belize music doesn't resumes itself to the Brukdown, the Garifuna Music, also known as Garinagu is also a main genre in the country. The Garifuna people add to the music rhytms from very different cultures, such as the hispanic, afro-indian and even english-creole, which results in an unique sound.


BELIZE is located on America, a continent that has its own musical value. Make sure to also visit this site's other pages of music from America, you can access those pages from the menu on your left. They all have their own music genres, songs and dances that are full of cultural and historical value that needs to be preserved.

And remember... come back often as we are always adding some funny stuff to this funny music from Belize pages!

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